Contacts and Help

FOR INFORMATION:  Call Dianne or Email Carol



When you open this website you will be in the POSTS, where I’m posting the photos of our past dances. The posts are added thru time, so the most recent dance will be the first one you see. You can also see the photos by going to the calendar at the bottom of the left column of the front page.

The PAGES are on the categories on the left side of the front page. To return to the photos of our dances click on Fiddlesteppers is all about friends in  the upper left side of the front page. 

The PAGES include:  Callers and Cuers;  Contacts and Help;  Key People;  and You are invited….

If you want to help me remember someone’s name,  I would like to put it into the label of the picture 🙂 …..Carol


TABLE OF CONTENTS  (coming soon)

WordPress is a free website. The disadvantage is that the posts are always from the past to the present. I hope that if I put each dance in another month that it will be easier to navigate between the dances.